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Digital Marketing Strategy

Sam Crawford’s team understands that every business is unique. So, we can develop and implement customised strategies that suit your business type, targeted audience, your goals and your budget. Sam’s team includes qualified professionals, who have vast experience in Sales, Marketing and Business.

Sam Crawford offers insight and strategies to gain benefits from the opportunities produced by emerging technology.


Our digital marketing strategy and tactics include:


We have a simple approach towards PPC (Pay Per Click). For us, website traffic is the most valuable, no matter how much you are willing to spend. Real results for PPC advertising clients are produced by focusing more on earning you more money. Let our expert Google Adwords professionals’ help you do minimize unnecessary expense and drive more high-quality traffic for your website.

Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process to improve the rankings of a website in search engine results. This is done by modifying site codes, the site itself to improve the level of relevance and other key elements of your website. Our SEO experts are highly experienced who deliver all the SEO campaigns by using the best available SEO technology and software.

Google Analytics setup and Goal setting

Sam Crawford’s first advice to his clients is to install Google Analytics. It is one of the most powerful tools as it provides you access to the data about your visitors like what content they find most interesting and their location. Creating goals in Google Analytics is an excellent way to find out if your online marketing efforts are producing the desired results. Goals will provide information about the behaviour of a visitor before completing a conversion on your website.