The Advantages Of Hiring A Professional Wedding Photographer

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Is hiring a professional photographer for your big day worth it?

Yes. Yes it is.

There is no question that planning a wedding is expensive.

Considering the:

●       Food

●       Venue

●       Dress

●       Cake

●       and everything else...

Which means costs can add up.

In fact, according to recent studies, the average Australian wedding will set you back roughly $53,000!

Due to these costs, you might be thinking of using a close friend or family member to handle the wedding photos.

Maybe they have some experience taking amateur photos, and they offered to do it for free?

While this offer sounds lucrative, keep in mind that you only get one day to take wedding pictures. If your friend or family member does not do a good job the first time, you cannot turn back the clock.

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The truth is that photographic equipment only plays a small part in what the photos will look like afterwards.

Truly beautiful pictures are based on the talent of the photographer. And if you are serious about having the best wedding pictures, it is recommended to consult with an expert.

Wedding celebrant Fiona King states professional experience is everything. She explains that “photographs are all you'll have. They see the little things. Having photos or videos taken on your wedding derives from the need to capture, preserve and eventually enhance memories from the day”

So if you’ve got a wedding on the horizon, here are the 6 advantages of hiring a professional wedding photographer.

#1 - Experience With Camera Equipment

It is one thing to own an expensive camera, but it is something else to utilise all the special features. For the most part, people are not aware of the adjustments they can make. And without an eye for detail, using the features becomes even more challenging.

A professional wedding photographer will know everything about the cameras they use. More specifically, they know how to use the features of the camera to fit the setting.

For example, taking photos at night is very different than using natural light during the day. Thus, it is the job of the photographer to read the scene and make the proper adjustments on the camera.

#2 - The Photographer Remains In The Background

Given that the photographer is getting paid to take photos, you do not have to worry about them getting caught up in conversation during special moments.

All they are going to focus on is getting the best shots from the time they arrive until they leave.

They also know how to fall into the background and stay there.

With a friend or family member behind the camera, there is a good chance they can get distracted. Either by the sentimental moment or by guests striking up a conversation.

Now add the lack of skill and you get a recipe for sub-part wedding photos you do not want to share.  

#3 - You Can Choose A Specific Style


When you decide to work with a professional photographer, you put yourself in a position to go with a specific style for the photos.

Of course, this will require looking at several portfolios first. But the point is that your photographer should know the difference between styles like candid, journalistic, modern, etc.

Then they should be able to capture the specific style you are after.

Unfortunately, this is not really an option with an amateur photographer. Without the same passion as a professional, you can trust there will be a lack of style choices as well.

Sydney-based celebrant Darren Moran says a majority of photographers have their own style of photography. He explains that “if you are hiring a person who works on their own, many of them are versatile enough to capture whatever you want to be captured and be able to get what you want in terms of quality and style”.

 #4 - Reliability And Overall Experience With Weddings

It is much easier to hold a professional photographer accountable for not showing up on time, instead of confronting a good friend or family member. But a professional is getting paid to be reliable and show up exactly when you need them to.

In addition to being reliable, an experienced photographer knows that things can go wrong at the wedding.

The venue can change at the last minute due to rain, which means using a different approach for the photos when going indoors. So, you can trust a professional to be ready for anything, and they will still get the best shots. Also, they do not expect to be part of your big day. Instead, they know their role is in the background.

#5 - An eye for detail

As mentioned earlier, a photographer needs to have an eye for detail. Otherwise, they are not going to be very good at their job.

At the same time, a photographer can pick up on small issues like lipstick on your teeth. And without taking any attention away from you, they help correct these tiny problems.

So, you will not just be getting a photographer to take the most memorable photos. You also get someone that pays attention without meddling with your special day.

 Will you get the same benefits when you work with a distracted amateur photographer?

#6 - A Patient Approach


Keep in mind that the photographer is going to be around you throughout the day. If they are going to capture those special moments, they have to stick close to the couple. But you and your partner need to be comfortable with the photographer. Because if either of you is unable to warm up to the photographer, it will show in the final pictures.

Hence the reason for scheduling a consultation before making a final decision. Sit down with the photographer, discuss the details of the wedding, and see whether you feel comfortable. Does your partner feel comfortable?

Comfort is crucial in order to have the best wedding photos.

Professional wedding photographers are your peacekeepers, therapists and friends says marriage celebrant Margaret Milne. She says; “their professionalism and expertise vendors actually leads them to being a part of your inner circle and part of your family for the months leading up to your wedding and even longer”.

Right now, it probably sounds more economical to go with a friend or family member. But when you compare the advantages you get when hiring a professional wedding photographer, it is not worth the risk to settle for amateur pictures.

Remember, you only get one day.

Make it perfect by hiring an experienced photographer you like and feel comfortable with. The rest will take care of itself. 

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It’s no secret now that hiring a professional to capture the day is a big deal.

Are you willing to risk a cheaper option only to get blurred images and poor quality after spending thousands?


Author Bio: Simon Moore