Urban Landscape Photography – 6 Tips To Master The Art


Do you know what urban scene photography is? It will be lot better, if you understand what urban landscape is all about, before you can start capturing images. Any picture in and around those areas where people live, work and perform other activities fall under that category. Cities are exceptionally preferred for this sort of photography.

 Let’s take a look at these 6 amazing tips by professional photographer Sam Crawford that will help you to capture some most memorising landscape images.

  1.  Street Photography

    Photography of the street can be divided into 2 different parts. The first one is portraits of the street, while the second one focuses more on what people are doing on the street. In urban landscape, you won’t find the first type of pictures, but the second types of images are in abundance. You can search for scenes where people are indulged in some act on the street and click the most natural looking images that you can get.

  2. Capture From Above

    There are numerous options available these days to capture an amazing view of the city landscape from above. You must have seen many high buildings that offer some breath-taking views of almost the entire city. Use your imagination and click some unique images from the top of those high buildings. In some buildings, there are observation decks available from where you can click some images. Helicopter ride over a city is another way to perform your photography task.

  3. Long Exposure Photography

    There’s no doubt that long exposures are suited for almost every type of photography. Long exposures are widely used for streets, groups and buildings. You can create some magical images with help of long exposure photography.

  4.  Light Trails And Night Photography

    Shooting at night is another amazing way to capture urban landscape. When the sun goes down urban landscape presents a great view, especially when the lights are switched on in the buildings, cars and streets. You’ll be surprised to see the images your camera will capture. Of course, light trails at night make some amazing photographs.

  5. Intriguing Design & Architecture

    Every major city constructs intriguing structures. Architects and Engineers do all the necessary work to ensure that their building looks unique from others. Regardless of where you are, check whether you can locate the most intriguing buildings to photograph.

  6.  Weather & Seasons

    Consistently, the seasons will provide you various chances to capture scenes that are unique and can be captured only at that particular time. Autumn is full of colours, and including trees in parks and streets in your images will make them mesmerising. Winter or snowfall is an excellent opportunity to click photographs of people covered in layers, or kids playing in snow. In summer, you can capture people doing daily activities or resting in parks. Decide what type of images you want, and then start shooting.