Top 8 Photography Tips For Christmas Celebrations!


Christmas is at out doorsteps! How about quick tips for Christmas Photography by Sam Crawford? Hopefully, these tips will give you some amazing ideas to capture the most memorable pictures this season.

Have a look at some top Christmas Photography tips and ideas:

  1. Plan – Make A List & Double-Check It

    Ensuring you’re prepared to catch any planned occasion is an important part of a successful shoot. Preparing yourself in advance and the area of your shots is profitable. Pack the camera, make sure batteries are charged and keep additional batteries or the charger. Don’t forget to pack additional memory cards.

  2. Have A White Balance Christmas

    In Sydney, Australia, Christmas is often celebrated outdoors. On the other hand, most of the people around the world celebrate this amazing festival indoors under unnatural or man-made lighting. Focus on what sort of light you’re shooting in and then make your white balance settings likewise. However, if you have a camera that can shoot in RAW format, then you can go ahead clicking the pictures and adjust the white balance later in the studio.

  3. Click The Planning Stages

    The best part of Christmas day is surely the supper or get-togethers. However, there are other photographic possibilities, especially in the arrangements phases of the day. Some clickable opportunities are:

    • Preparation of food

    • Setting up decorations

    • Gift wrappings

    • Table setting

    • Arrival of guests

    • Kids having fun while getting dressed in their Christmas outfits

    The shots before the function begins are extraordinary as they show some of the most realistic moments and expressions.

  4. Before & After Images

    Talking about pictures before the Christmas party begins, why not get some before and after shots. You can click pictures of the place you’re holding your party and what it would appear after the guests leave. Ensure you take the photos from a same angle and position.

  5. Time-Lapse Series

    You set up your camera in the corner of the room with the lens covering the whole room. Then set the camera to capture images after every 5 minutes throughout the day. You’ll be astonished to view the most wonderful & amazing series of photographs that you may not have seen for a long time.

  6. Don’t Forget The Christmas Lights

    Capturing pictures of Christmas lights can prove to be a difficult job. It’s not easy as it sounds, and you must use the right lens and camera settings to get the images in the right manner without making the image look dizzy.

  7. Have a Point of Interest – For Every shot

    Every great shot ought to have a focal point that gets the attention of the viewers. The issue with Christmas is that there can many focal points competing with each other in a single picture like people, decorations, colour, food and lightings. You need to polish your skills and ensure that too many focal points don’t ruin the photographs.

  8. Gifts Opening

    There are a few moments in Christmas parties that offer superb photographic opportunities, such as the opening of gifts, which is filled with loads of emotions, expressions and excitement, especially if kids are opening the gifts. Set your camera to continuous shooting mode (burst mode) and take many pictures at this time of the Christmas party.