Top 7 Wedding Photography Mistakes To Avoid


Taking pictures at a wedding ceremony/function is amongst the toughest projects for any professional photographer. There are plenty of probable concerns as well as the stakes are extremely high. To help you understand the basics of wedding photography, Sam Crawford has listed seven most common mistakes done by wedding photographers while capturing moments at the occasion.

Here’s a list of 7 wedding photography mistakes people should avoid.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #1 – Lack Of Experience

Many couples make a big mistake of hiring a photographer that has low or simply no experience. Some couple even appoint a friend or family member who just owns a DSLR camera. DON’T do this mistake because photography is an art and a newbie will ruin the perfect moments of your wedding.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #2 – Bad Exposure

Capturing the white dress of the bride is the most difficult part of wedding photography. You need to maintain the right balance while covering the bride dress by neither overexposing nor underexposing the white colour. Also, maintain a balance with the black suit of the groom as it should look good when the bride stands with the groom.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #3 – Tangled Background

It’s important to visit the wedding venue a day before the ceremony. This will provide a lot better idea about the backgrounds which will suit your style the best. Also, while taking the pictures, ensure that the background is clear and perfect view is behind the bride and groom to get amazing results.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #4 – Squinting Bride & Groom

If the wedding ceremony is scheduled during daytime then you should visit the venue a day before to get an idea about the level of sunlight on the venue. You won’t like the bride and groom or guests squinting while you capture their pictures. Only an experience wedding photographer will know how to tackle this problem.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #5 – Zero Eye Contact

One of the biggest drawbacks of hiring newbie photographers is that they fail to capture the right moments of the couple. You need to ensure that the bride and groom should be looking either at the camera or into each other’s eyes. Proper eye contact is highly essential to get the best pictures.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #6 – Forgetting A Shot

Quite often, the bride & groom would ask the photographer to capture some specific photographs they like and can also ask to click pictures of some important guests. No matter what you do on the wedding day, NEVER forget to fulfil the requirement of photographs the couple specifically asked for.

  • Wedding Photography Mistake #7 – Failure Of Equipment

This would be the last thing anyone would want to hear on their wedding day. Beginner or inexperience photographers often fail to ensure that their equipment and cameras are working properly or not. There’s hardly a chance that an experience & knowledge wedding photographer would make such a mistake.