Top 7 Tips For Mesmerising Photographs


Want to click some beautiful photographs? Here are top 7 tips that will help you to capture images like professional photographers. Have a look.

  • Tip Number #1 – Look Straight Into The Subject’s Eyes

By having a good eye contact can get some amazing real life pictures. While clicking pictures, you should hold the camera at the eye level of the subject to capture the energy of those attractive looks and magnificent smiles. For kids, you might need to stoop at their level. Remember, it’s not necessary that the subject should always look directly at the camera. The eye level angle has the amazing power to create a memorable and intimate feeling that pulls the viewer into the photographs.

  • Tip Number #2 – Keep The Background Plain

While photographing, if you keep a plain background then the subject will appear as the first thing that anyone sees in the picture. Try to study the background while looking through the viewfinder of the camera. Ensure that nothing disrupts or hampers the look and feel of the photos.

  • Tip Number #3 – Flash Should Be Used Outdoors Also

Majority of novice photographers often makes this mistake. You can reduce the level of the shadows by using the flash to lighten the face of your subject. Turn the flash on, while taking people pictures on sunny days. The flash simply brightens the faces of people and makes them stand out in the picture.

  • Tip Number #4 – Move Closer To The Subject

Before taking the picture take a step or two closer if the subject is smaller than a car and zoom in on the subject. You should aim at filling the image with the subject you’re capturing. You can reveal telling details and expressions of the subject by moving up closer to them.

  • Tip Number #5 – Know The Range Of Your Flash

It’s often a big mistake the beginner photographers make. Taking pictures beyond the flash’s range is one of the biggest mistakes one can commit because photographs captured beyond the maximum flash range will appear too dark. Remember, for majority of cameras, the maximum flash range is about five steps which are less than fifteen feet away.

  • Tip Number #6 – Capture Some Vertical Pictures

You can capture some amazing pictures by simply holding your camera vertically. Though it may sound easy, but you can only master this art by practising regularly.

  • Tip Number #7 – Manage The Light

Considering the right amount of light in the surroundings is one of the most important things you should keep in mind while capturing photographs. Excess light can affect the appearance of your subjects and ruin the photographs.