Top 5 Tips To Take Amazing Pet Photographs

A common question among many pet owners is how to capture amazing pet photographs. For many of us, pets are an important part of our lives. Pets make us laugh, play with us and grant us their unconditional love. Most of us adopt traditional pets like cats and dogs, whereas some of us have individual choices and go for pets like fishes, rabbits, birds etc. Pets become a part of our family, no matter which species they belong and people love to click pets’ photographs to preserve sweet memories.


Sadly, most of the pets’ photographs are ruined by green/red eyes, and often pets do not cooperate properly for photography sessions.

Here are top tips to improve your photos and capture your pet’s personality.

  • Use Available Light

If possible, then always try to capture pictures of your pet in a place where the light is in abundance, so there will be no need to use flash in those cases. If you’re capturing photos inside your home, then choose a room with lots of windows and lights as it will provide some wonderful results.

  • How To remove Green/Red Eyes

Just like the human eyes get “red-eye” in photographs for the same reason the pet’s eyes turn out red or green. This problem occurs when the pupils are dilated and the camera flash reflects back from the eyes. Unlike humans, in most of the pets’ photographers, the eyes come out green instead of red. The usual ‘red eye’ is common amongst pets with natural blue eyes. By controlling your flash light, you can reduce this problem effectively.

  • Posing

Pets looking directly into the camera have become old and traditional and somewhat boring type of pose for photography. Spend some more time with your pets, and follow its activities as this will help you to get some natural images that will reflect your pet’s personality perfectly.

  • Time & Patience

To capture the right personality of your pets on the camera, time & patience are the two important things you need to follow. No matter for how long the pet has been living with you, it’s quite difficult to predict its mood. So, prepare everything in advance and then approach your pet and execute the plan. This will help you to capture realistic and memorable photographs of your pet. Some pets are extra active while others are too lazy to move from the couch. So, time and patience are two things you have to rely on to get the best clicks.

  • When To Take The Picture?

Whenever you can! Whether your pets are relaxing or playing outdoors or doing any activity. You should always keep a camera near you because you never know when your pet is going the perfect pose which you wanted to capture.