Top 10 Tips For An Exquisite Outdoor Wedding


Getting married? Congratulations! Planning an outdoor ceremony? Make preparations! There’s simply no doubt that outdoor wedding functions are highly romantic and heart-warming. You must prepare well in advance because no matter how amazing outdoor weddings may sound, it comes with additional limitations and difficulties.

Here are the top 10 tips to have the perfect outdoor wedding.

  • Ensure that majority of your guests are comfortable with the idea of outdoor wedding. Contact your close relatives or loved ones and share your decision with them. However, it’s your wedding so it’s your decision to finalise the wedding venue, but consulting with your close family members & friends is not a bad idea.

  • Check the weather forecast before booking the venue for wedding. Avoid rainy season, if you’ve always wanted to get married on an outdoor location. The rain will destroy all the settings made for wedding and might damage the equipment of the wedding photographer. So, choose an outdoor venue which has an emergency indoor hall, in case it starts raining cats & dogs.

  • So, you checked with the weather department and there’s no forecast for rain, in fact there’ll be lots of bright sunshine, but did you considered wind? Sometimes, wind can play a spoilsport and damage the settings made for your outdoor wedding. Get all the information about weather in detail from expert weathermen.

  • Ensure the outdoor venue is at a quite place and not near an extremely noisy surrounding. What if the venue is near a park or school where kids are shouting immensely? Also, ensure that you arrange proper microphone system so that your guests can listen to the vows taken during the wedding.

  • Don’t think that just because you’re getting married outdoors, you’ll need no decorations. Of course that natural beauty of the venue will speak a lot, but you still need to get some decorations done to give the venue a feel of a private affair.

  • Get canopies and tents installed at your wedding venue because not everyone likes to spend hours sitting direct under the sun. Tents and canopies will also give a royal look to the venue.

  • Quite often there are bugs and insects on outdoor locations which will annoy your guests. So, burns some special candles or spray insect repellent in advance.

  • Don’t forget to take permission from local authorities if organising your wedding ceremony at a public place.

  • Tell your wedding photographer that the function is scheduled at an outdoor venue, so he can make necessary preparations in advance.

  • Don’t forget to serve food that suits outdoor eating. You can choose a variety of dishes that go well with outdoor functions. Also, serve lots of drinks and juices which can freshen up your guests. Choose food and drinks that will give a relief to your guests in case the temperature rises.