The Fascinating Cityscape Photography

Do you have plans to capture mesmerising images of cityscape? Here are the top 7 tips by Sam Crawford that will help you to click the best cityscape pictures.

  1.  Click Right After Sunset

    Right after the golden hour goes off, the sky becomes darker and lights start to get illuminated. One of the best times to click beautiful cityscape pictures is after sunset and just before dawn, or in other words, twilight and the blue-hour. People usually turn the lights on before the sun goes down completely and the light balance is nearly equal. An excellent mixture of different tones and shades!

  2.  Catch The Complete Skyline Using Wide Angle Lens

    While capturing cityscapes, use focal lengths between 12-35mm. It’s not mandatory, but you will welcome the wide angle quite often. This will permit you to capture a pleasant skyline without being away miles outside the city, and permit you to incorporate a whole skyscraper vertically, while remaining close to its foundation.

  3.  Utilise Camera’s Self-Clock And A Tripod

     If you need sharp fresh & crisp results, a tripod becomes highly essential, while shooting during the golden hours and after dark. It will be even better, if you set camera up on the tripod and set 2 or 10 second timer so you don’t need to touch or shake the camera while the shooting is going on.

  4.  Search For The Leading Lines 

    Leading lines are an important part of 3-dimensional cityscape composition, just like in the landscape photography. Depth, perspective and intrigue are added by them to any picture as it takes the viewer from one point of the frame to another.

  5.  Search For Excellent Vantage Points Over Busy Intersections

    Rehearse the long exposures, and then search for busy intersections. It can be a bit difficult to find the right area that has heavy traffic. Shoot in a city where you know all the roads or at least have info about the most congested roads.

  6.  Fountains Are Great In Cityscapes

    Capturing fountains in your cityscape can add an element of excellence and serenity to your picture. Almost every major city has loads of fountains. Every city has small, historic or huge fountains with extravagant lights. Many cities have different types of fountains that can make for the most happening and spectacular pictures.

  7.  Search For Patterns

     Patterns can bring a feeling of visual treat and peace to a picture. While looking for the first time, any city may seem dull or uninteresting. Concentrate on reprising solid graphic components, such as colours, lines, shapes, forms or structures as it will grab the viewer’s attention, making the entire thing significantly more intriguing.