Steps to Make a Storytelling Video

Storytelling with the help of a video has become quite popular in online marketing. Nowadays, more and more companies are incorporating video into their website’s content as a marketing strategy. With cut-throat competition in the digital world, storytelling has become more important than ever.


Majority of companies are turning to video storytelling to connect in a better way with their targeted audiences. Video is an excellent way of conveying a message in an engaging and inspiring manner. Many brands and businesses still have issues in this field and often make their visual messages too complex, complicated or devoid of emotion.

Sam Crawford has years of experience in creating amazing videos for his clients across Australia. After years of practising his talent, Sam Crawford has made numerous videos with perfection. Next time you are making a video, try to follow these points:


Figure out the characters in your video. The good, bad or other characters are quite vital to get your targeted audiences to connect emotionally. You can be creative while choosing your characters, even an object can turn out to be an interesting character. Like in a wedding video, a ring or bride’s dress can be presented as a centre of attraction. In a wedding video, the basic theme should revolve around the bride and groom.


The location is another important aspect of a video. If a video is covering a wedding or party, then ensure that the scenery is covered perfectly. A bad location can easily distract the whole attention of your audience.


Plot of the video is another important thing a videographer should consider beforehand. What you need to understand here is that check if the video you are planning to make covers an event or a theme. The more clear and focused you are about the plot of the video the audience will automatically be attracted to it.