Secrets To Capture Awesome Sun Flare Photographs

While starting photography, many people will advise you to utilise a lens hood to evade lens flare no matter what. You’ll find many photographers who considered flare and abundant light as a terrible thing for photographs. Sam Crawford is an expert in capturing some of the most astonishing sun flare photographs.


However, with skills and experience you can create some marvellous pictures using light and flares. You can use light to create effects like sun flare and stardusts.

Have a look at these amazing tips on how to use sunlight in a lot effective way while taking photographs.

1. Capture the photographs of sun against a dynamic blue sky.

2. If you haven’t tried it before, then switch to manual. You’ll be surprised to see the amazing results you get.

3. You need to set the speed. Go for ISO 100, yet nearer to dusk (or after dawn) you may require ISO 200-400+. On the other hand, if you need a ‘burst style’ flare, then you’ve to set the aperture at f16 to f22. However, you can open the lens wider, if you are looking for a hazy look.

4. Don’t forget to set your shutter speed. You could shift this setting a lot considering what you need to protect (sky or subject). Most of the expert photographers attempt to hold the blue sky and somewhat under expose the subject and then they modify the exposure later either in Photoshop or Light-room.

5. If you’re looking to get more control over the light, utilise a flash or reflector to light the subject if they’re near the source.

6. In the case, you’re shooting objects which are quite far away, for example, a building, and then take 2 exposures. In the first, uncover for the sky and in the second uncover for the subject. After that you can merge in post processing.

7. This method works wonderfully when the sun isn’t overhead. Search for times when the sun is lower in the sky.

8. Edges prove to be awesome. When you can achieve sun flare and the starburst impact in mid sky, you can get considerably more lively results when it brushes the edge of an object or building.

9. A lens hood may become your best weapon. Simply take it off, if you’re looking forward to capture a hazier look. Keep it on in order to increase the contrast, if you wish to get a bolder starburst flare effect.

10. Depending on what type of lens you utilise, the results may differ. To find your best looks, you can experiment with different types of looks.

Use these amazing tips by Sam Crawford to capture some amazing sun flare photographs. Enjoy!