Pick Your Camera And Try These 7 Types of Photography

Sam Crawford Photography encompasses a variety of forms. Wedding photography, portrait photography, sports photography and landscape photography are some of the most common and popular types of photography, however there are many other forms as well. Whether amateur or professional, every photographer has his/her own favourite type of photography. On the other hand, Sam Crawford is an expert in all types of photography forms.

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 Here’s a list of different types of photography forms which are prevalent nowadays.

  • Wedding Photography

Wedding photography can sometimes be defined as a novel combination of portrait and documentary photography. Several pictures in this type of photography are usually post processed to include creative effects and editing. Several pictures are edited to suit the theme of wedding in post processing.

  • Photojournalism

This form of photography is generally done for shooting photos of facts as they occur. These pictures attract viewers towards news stories. This kind of photography needs the expertise to capture the right human feelings in a single photograph and may take years to become perfect in this form.

  • Documentary

This is quite the same as photojournalism, however in documentary style of photography the pictures are for historical proof of a time period. In photojournalism, the image can show only a single scene or event. To capture human emotions and other things properly, documentary photographers require experience and training.

  • Portrait

This is surely the oldest and the most common type of photography. However, this doesn’t mean that you could easily master the traits of portrait photography, especially for business portraits. This type is meant to capture the distinctive personality of the subject in the photograph.

  • Glamour

Some people think that glamour photography is something adulterous, however this is not true and it’s actually an art form that reflects the sweetness and the attraction of the human body. These photos could be a bit raunchy, but they’re captured respectfully and no one can master this art without training. Glamour photographers concentrate on light and colours to present the human body at its best.

  • Landscape

This form of photography has become quite popular these days. With landscape photography, you get a chance to capture the beauty of nature. You need to practice a lot to become expert in this category. To get the best photographs, you should try to capture at dawn or dusk, when the sky and lighting is mesmerising.

  • Travel

This type of photography covers many kinds of photography similarly. Travel photography incorporates portrait, documentary, glamour, and landscape photography. Pictures should reflect life, events or landscape of a specific place. Becoming an expert in portraits or landscape photography can automatically help you to master the art of travel photography.