Make Your Beach Trip Memorable With Awesome Clicks!

Visiting a beach on holidays or on any other random day is quite common in Australia. We Australians are famous for our love towards water sports and we also spend a lot of time relaxing and enjoying on the long seashores our beloved country have.


 When you relax and enjoy at the beach, you should take some awesome photographs to save those amazing moments forever. When the attractive swimsuit is showcasing your stunning figure, the beach hat is reflecting your rich personality and the sunglasses are displaying your seductive smile, then there’s hardly any doubt that you’ll look amazing in photographs as well.

 Yet, above all, you’re visiting the beach with your loved family member, friends, or companions. So without any doubt, you need to remember such wonderful memories for many years to come.

 Taking wonderful photographs is an easy way to achieve this goal. However, it’s not easy for everyone to get the right poses in front of the camera.

 No need to worry! Check out these amazing tips by professional photographer Sam Crawford that will help you to strike the right pose for beach photographs.


Beach Photography Tip #1 – You can ask your partner or friend to hold the camera and capture the photo at the right moment when you turn your face (or half portion of the upper body) with a smile and eyes looking straight into the camera. It might be a bit difficult, but with few attempts, you’ll be able to capture the exact turning moment to get a stunning picture. Remember, it’s important to have the right coordination between you and the photographer.

 Beach Photography Tip #2 – In this pose, you need to do back facing of the camera! Then, hold your hair with left hand and face towards the direction of the wind. You can also hold your beach hat in your right hand. Allow your hair and hat to flow with the wind – just imagine how beautiful picture you can capture! Of course, you’ll need a friend to click the photograph for you.

 Beach Photography Tip #3 – When the daylight turns out to be soft at sunset, you can click the scene when the sun appears to be going down into the ocean. You can look towards the camera, while the sun is setting down at the back. Take multiple pictures in this pose, and ask your photographer to click from various angles.

 Beach Photography Tip #4 – You can make a decent utilisation of the sand that’s available in abundance on the beach! Sands can be the most perfect prop for capturing some amazing beach photographs. In fact, it can be really helpful for a few poses. You can click photos while making sand castles, lying on the sand and relaxing, playing with your friends using sand balls, and a lot of other activities that you think will look good on photographs.

 Beach Photography Tip #5 – Last but not the least! This pose is the easiest but will give you stunning photographs. All you have to do is lie on the beach and ask your photographer to capture images from your head side. Keep your hands in a straight direction and knees should be higher than your head. This will become a lovely pose. The picture will look more amazing, if there are clouds in the background.