How To Capture Great Facebook Profile Pictures


Facebook is everywhere, in every house, every office and in every hand – thanks to Smartphones and technology. People all around the world have become highly conscious in maintaining their Facebook profiles by keeping a close look on what they post and share on this amazing social media platform. Profile pictures (commonly referred as ‘dp’) have become a rage and people, especially younger generation do all sorts of things to get the best profile pic for their account.

Let’s take a look at some of the easiest tips that will help you to click the most amazing photographs for your Facebook account.

  • Locate The Light Before The Background

Stop searching for a scenic overlook shot for the background of your picture. Mesmerising profile pictures are all about incredible light and that will surely look a lot better than a good background. So, what is this great light after all? It’s the light where the shadow moves are delicate or soft.

  • Clean The Background

After locating your true and favourite spot for photographs, see what will come behind you in the picture. If possible, do whatever it takes not to have anything right behind you for around 10 or 25 feet. However, solid and pattern walls are an excellent choice which can be right behind you. Remove any object from the background that might seem to ruin the picture.

  • Give A Nice Pose And An Angle

Whether you are utilising a timer with the camera on a tripod, or getting help from a friend to capture the photo, you need to ensure that the camera has an extraordinary angle on you. This doesn’t mean it should to be straight-on (in spite of the fact that that is the most preferred). To make look a bit slimmer, make an angle with your body around 45 degrees far from the camera, however keep your head straight towards the camera.

  • Set Up The Camera Like A Professional

You can discuss this point with your friend who’s helping you to capture your future profile pictures. The safe (old & boring) approach to do this thing is to place the camera in ‘small green box mode’ (automatic mode) and then click take your photo. Looks like a decade old style of clicking photographs.

By Zooming in all the way, you can easily spice the things up. Then, go back until the subject fills the frame (keep some space around every side). Switch off the flash mode (it’s truly very bad in this situation) and then take a photo. Then later you can make changes in the picture with help of a photo editing app.

Sam Crawford suggests that after you click a few pictures, you need to crop it properly. Remember, 2×3 crop ratio is supported by Facebook, which implies that it will take the photo and display all of it.