Awesome Website Design Tips For Photographers


Having a user-friendly and attractive website is one of the best ways to achieve success in 2017 and for many years to come. You will find yourself lagging behind times and will lose lots of business opportunities, if you’re continually developing your website without considering or staying on top of the latest web design trends.

These days, the consumers have become too tech-savvy and it has become tougher to cater their needs. Check these tips by Sam Crawford that will help you to make your website attractive for the millennial generation, especially for the ones looking for wedding photography in the Northern Beaches, Australia.

  • Mobile Has Become The King And Will Rule For Many Years!


As indicated by a recent study done by a search engine giant, 73% of consumers said if a site didn’t function properly on their Smartphones or Tabs then it made them feel like as if the company doesn’t care about their services, clients, or business. Remember, this percentage will continue to rise every year as more people are running away from businesses that fail to deliver an outstanding mobile user experience.

  • Scrolling Vs. Clicking

We all are aware the remarkable popularity and really high use of touchscreen Smartphones and other mobile devices these days. Since the last decade, users are increasingly using touchscreens, mouse wheels or track-pads (touch pads), and with just a simple flick of their finger they scroll through different sites.

Keep in mind that scrolling enables the visitors to continue discovering and reading more info on your web page. However, you are forcing them to reach a decision every time you ask them to click a link. So, you cannot deny the importance of scrolling more than that of clicking on the mobile version of your website.

  • Large Mesmerising Images That Expand To Full Page Width

Give your pictures a chance to mesmerise the visitors by filling the whole width of the web page. To provide users periodic break while they gather info from your website, you can use images to break up sections of the website. To get a better idea, check website of professional photographer Sam Crawford. Also, make the best first impression by using your very best images on the web page.

  • Follow The Latest Trends

Having a Blog section on your website is no doubt one of the best ways to keep it fresh and updated with the latest trends & developments. Don’t neglect the blog section as it helps you to connect with your current clients and potential customers.

For a photography website, you can also share pictures of your work apart from articles & blogs. Share a slideshow of your favourite images from 2017 and follow this trend every year. There’s no harm in getting inspired from famous international photographers. Search their websites for ideas and inspirations.