6 Tips to Click Great Pictures

Have you just taken up photography and want to become an expert photographer? All you need is a bit of experience and a few tips that can help you to take amazing photos. Following are some tips from expert photographer Sam Crawford that can offer help while taking pictures:

  • Look the person in the eye

Remember that eye contact made directly is engaging not only in real life, but also in photos. While clicking an image, place the camera at the subject’s eye level to capture their magnetic looks and mesmerizing smiles. Reach down on the ground if the subjects are children. Ask the person to stare directly into the camera. Eye level angle creates an inviting and personal feeling that pulls everyone into the picture.

  • Try to use a plain background

A plain background ensures that all the focus stays on the subject you are photographing. Try to study the area around your subject, while looking through the viewfinder.

  • Flash should be used outdoors

Unattractive and deep facial shadows can be created by bright sun. By using the flash, shadows can be eliminated to lighten the face. Turn the camera flash on, when clicking photos of people on sunny days. If your camera has fill-flash mode, then you can use that option on cloudy days. The faces of people will be brightened and it will make them stand out. As a backup option, you can also opt to click a photo without flash.

  • Move in close

If the person whose picture you’re clicking is smaller than a car, then it’s recommended that you should move in closer and zoom in before capturing the image. This helps to fill up the image with the person you’re photographing. By moving closer, you can get a more elaborate image that has details such as an arched eyebrow or a sprinkle of freckles. But, don’t get too close as it can make the images blurry.

  • Lock the focus

To create a sharp picture, you should lock the focus if the person you’re photographing is not in the centre of the picture. Majority of auto-focus cameras automatically set focus on whatever present in the centre of the picture. But sometimes, you move the subject away from centre to improve the look and feel of the pictures. So, you should first lock the focus, if don’t want to get a blurred picture.

  • Know the range of camera’s flash

A common mistake made by majority of amateur photographers is clicking picture beyond the flash’s range. This is a big mistake because pictures clicked taken beyond the maximum flash range will come out too dark. The common and maximum flash range in many cameras is less than 15 feet which is about five steps away.

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