5 Fashion Photography Tips – How To Shoot Like A Pro


Let’s be honest, just buying a brand new DSLR camera and placing your good-looking friends in front of it won’t qualify as a fashion photo-shoot. Remember, planning and executing a fashion photography shoot takes more than that.

Fashion photography is a vast industry that requires skills and creativity to survive. Have a look at some amazing tips by Sam Crawford that will help you learn and understand the basics of fashion photography.

  1. Motivations – Get Inspired

    There’s just no limit when it comes to creativity! It’s a concept that goes beyond infinity! You can simply begin creating up your thoughts by getting inspired from almost anywhere. When you begin to see the tiniest things around your life, it will work wonderfully for your motivation and inspiration. This is crucial because it is the foundation before each shoot, especially in fashion photography. To create an idea that is strong and original is the key to move ahead and get the perfect frame in a fashion photo-shoot.

  2. Get A Team To Work With You

    “It’s all about Teamwork” – You must have heard this a zillion times, yet it’s the right path to follow! Make your perfect squad. It’s not easy to find someone you’re comfortable to work with, and whenever you find someone like-minded, just hang with him/her and make a great working relationship with them. Get every team member equally involved as excellent chemistry eventually leads to the perfect photo-shoot. Get the whole team on the same page, whether it is vision for the photo-shoot or work ethics.

  3. The Right Look & Feel

    Choosing the right model is one of the most important aspects of any fashion photo-shoot. Find a model who fits perfectly into the concept or theme of your fashion shoot. No matter how weird it may sound, but you need to consider the height, personality, hair colour, eye shape, and skin tone of the model to ensure that he/she is right for your fashion concept. It would be an advantage if you build a healthy relationship with the model beforehand as this will enable you to create a comfortable shooting environment.

  4. Searching the Right Locations

    Indoors or outdoors? It’s essential to find a location beforehand, don’t wait till the day of photo-shoot to search for the location. When you decide to do the shoot in a studio, ensure that the surroundings have a positive impact on the working environment. An outdoor fashion shoot is even more difficult to execute. Always check the weather! Extreme sunlight and unexpected rain can ruin your day.

  5. Wardrobe, Hair and Makeup

    When it’s about fashion photography, wardrobe, hair and makeup of the model become more important than anything else. This is where your team can really jump in to save the day! Assign work to your team members, and make them responsible for arrangements of hair, makeup and wardrobe.

Lastly, always remember to have some fun & good times, just like Sam Crawford who believes that work should be done passionately with a pinch of fun!