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Video Production

Sam Crawford offers his unique Photography and Video production skills for visual recording services at corporate events, weddings, portraits, children, pregnancy, landscape, pet and nature events across Australia. Using an unconventional approach to visual documentation, Sam Crawford at Northern Beaches works to capture the moment or event from an organic perspective.

Vivid Time-lapse 2013

Published on Aug 31, 2013

Shot on Nikon D800 at full 36mp 1 shot/sec time-lapse – By Sam Crawford a photographer and Video Producer at Northern Beaches.

Vivid Time Lapse 2012

Published on Jun 11, 2012

Over 15,000 individual photos shot @ 3680 x 2456p on a Nikon D800 @ 1 frame per second. – By Sam Crawford a photographer and Video Producer.

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    Photographer Sam Crawford has spent a number of years capturing captivating images of co

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    Video Production

    Sam Crawford philosophy is to be creative and enjoy every project. He offers his amazingly unique video production talent and skill for visual recor

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    Web Development

    Since 2010, Sam Crawford has provided excellent web development services to the people of NSW, Australia. Online Consulting focuses on helping its cl

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    Digital Marketing Strategy

    Sam Crawford’s team understands that every business is unique

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    Sam Crawford is an accomplished musician, photographer and Video producer with an incomparable flair for web development and an innate understanding of the pervasive power of the internet as a tool for online marketing and communication.

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    In the words of Melissa Wilton Communications Manager at Autism Spectrum Australia, “Sam Crawford is one of those eminently admirable people who can turn their hand to anything. Whether it’s optimising a website for SEO, putting a room full of Board members at ease for beautifully executed photos, or setting up a kick-arse ad campaign in google analytics-Sam’s the man. Having worked with Sam on all these projects and more I’m yet to find something he can’t do with his customary efficiency and professionalism.”

    From acquiring a Bachelor Degree in Contemporary Music and trying to make a viable living from the arts, he turned his hand to technology. As a consultant to Jump IT and later Foxtel he developed an intricate knowledge of computer hardware and a deep affinity for the boundless potential of the world-wide web.

    Online Consulting was built on the desire to create a one-stop shop for businesses and all their online and technological needs. It has realised that ambition and more. Sam now has affiliated companies that run complimentary services Kelpie Blue Media and Sam Crawford Photography.

    Sam Crawford is one of those people who stood at the precipice of the IT revolution and instantly saw the potential. He translates that vision for his customers. That’s what makes his service unique.

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      To anyone who is looking for a professional to photograph their perfect wedding day memories; without hesitation, I would recommend that you use Sam Crawford. The brief we gave Sam for our day was to capture before, during and after shots but with as little ‘posing’ as possible. We wanted real life expressions, movements, moments, reactions and we asked for a lot of specifics. Sam was insistent we went to the location and we discussed our requirements intently beforehand. But, on the night, we didn’t even know he was there; an absolute professional.

      The memories Sam has given us of our day are out of this world. 110% over and above what either of us could have dreamed of. Sam’s attention to detail on all our photos is second to none and because of him, we can look back in years to come and we have every precious moment caught on camera! Please look under ‘Nic & Murray’s Wedding’ on Sam’s website Portfolio and see for yourself.

      I posted some photos on Facebook and the reaction from our friends is sensational; we’ve had comments like ‘Wow, it looks like an OK! shoot’, ‘the best wedding photos we have ever seen’ etc. The Tea Rooms Gunners’ Barracks have also requested Sam’s details from me so they can put him on file for other couples wanting a great photographer. Should you need to talk to me about Sam’s professionalism or work, please ask Sam to put you in contact with me.

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        – Nic and Murray Scarce, Double Bay .